New song »Smoke and Mirrors« from our upcoming release on »This Charming Man Records« . Enjoy!

The Tidal Sleep – »Vorstellungskraft« out on July 25th, 2014.
Preorder starts und June 27th via This Charming Man Records.

Pressing info_
150x split wax clear/blue
600x solid white
CD Version also available through TCM Records

I rode the path to forgiveness on a horse rotten to the bones and in the shallowest moonlight I lost track of all my goals but I remembered not to forget all the patterns look the same and our paths will meet again and life knows how to scare me when easy things turn heavy but death can’t scare me death can take me yeah can you hear me come and get me I can’t sing about revelation and I can’t give absolution to a sinners soul I won’t write about salvation when all I ever wanted was to let go Yet I am not even close a constant worried mind and where our paths should’ve crossed I always vanished on time I am not here to help nor am I here to free you I am the bridge that connects said life all needs and your worst virtues there’s no point in satisfaction when you’ve never learned how it feels to be satisfied and i’ve been told that life’s a ride then fucking ride it ‘til you die

Recorded at »RAMA Studio« in Mannheim by Christian and Jens. Additional vocal recordings at »Hellvis Pressplay« Frankfurt by Dimi. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at »The Atomic Garden Recording Studios«, SF.

summer tour

hey y’all.

we’re still looking for few shows this summer.
august 3rd til 5th (slovenia, croatia, austria, hungary, slovakia - we’re looking at you!), and august 13th (in poland or the checz republic).
we’re on the road with freakin’ AKELA, and we both are bringing our new records.
get in touch! or the tidal

love, tdlslp